Craig Bailey

Unix Administrator, Network Administrator

(616) - 987 - 0031


Unix Administration

With experince in HP-UX, SuperDomes 1 and 2, LVM, SCO, OpenBSD, Linux.

IOT/Embedded Design

Designed point to point wireless telemetry systems and barcode scanner units.

PC repair and troubleshooting

4 years of PC repair


AMI Entertainment

Linux Sysadmin

June 2017-current


Architecting and co-designing the migration from bare metal installs to AWS. Splitting applications off from a largely monolithic build into a microservices based k8s environment (this stage of the project is ongoing). Integrating and migrating the infrastructure of acquired companies into our AWS cloud.


DevOps Developer/Linux

May 2016-June 2017


Using Ansible and Rundeck to deploy Linux and Windows VMWare machines in an automated fashion. Assisting in the deploy of Epic Electronic Medial Records System. Setting up Ansible jobs to install and configure .NetCore on Linux systems. Assisting the developers in automating the deployment of their environments in a blue/green fashion using a cluster of A10 load balancers. We recently deployed RedHat's OpenShift container platform in order to streamline the development of our web products.


Centos Linux system administrator

May 2013-2016

Daily tasks:

Linux administration (file system management, configuration management, assisting developers, etc), Active Directory administration.


Using PowerCLI and PySphere to automate the building and tearing down VMs in VMWare. We have implemented Chef to streamline our java/JBoss based application and system deployments. We recently implemented both OracleLinux and VMWare on Cisco UCS, saving around 1/3 of our rack space. We have recently moved our DR environment from a NOC in Orlando to the Amazon cloud. We are currently working on moving our sandbox and dev environments up there.

Rapid Line

Network/System Administrator/Innovation Engineer/PLC Wrangler

May 2012-May 2013

Daily tasks:

Basic Windows administration, centos Linux administration, intern wrangler.


Various projects to assist in streamlining the design/process on the factory floor using an assortment of PLCs, remote IO, and motoman industrial robots. Assisting the interns in seeing their plans come to fruition, giving them guidance when necessary. Building/designing/implementing a mostly automated window frame assembly workcell, taking in 25 foot sticks of extruded aluminum and outputting a window frame, ready for painting and glass installation.

Dream Casino Resorts

Network Infrastructure Contractor



Configuration of point to multipoint VPN, small SMC san implementation, Video on demand development and implementation, and CentOS Linux administration.


This was a short term contract, lasting about 120 hours. Three other contractors and I worked on the above tasks.

Steelcase Unix Administration


Daily tasks:

HP/UX administration, minimal Linux administration, assisting Oracle DBAs and SAP Basis/NetWeaver teams, process design, system design, scripting, light programming, configuration and maintenance of GWLM and vPars, basic SAN administration, and assisting in many Oracle and SAP implementations and upgrades.

Steelcase IT Operations


Daily tasks:

Running cable, racking servers, using the playbook to manage mainframe jobs, ESP job scheduling, Veritas NetBackup management, and scripting/scheduling NetBackup to better utilize our tape drives and robots.


Swiss-Army infrastructure administrator and geek

KUKA robot troubleshooting and programming. Installation and configuration of openbsd routers and firewalls, Cisco switches and wireless access points. Installation and configuration of Asterisk VoIP server. Installation and termination of catV. Some light programming in C and KSH. Assistance in general building maintenance. Mechanical and electronic design.


James VanderZouwen

Former Coworker
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Chris Boden

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John Dixon

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